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French Heritage House - La Cedille Pondicherry
Years of Heritage
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French Heritage House

Hello and welcome to La Cedille. We hope these limited 7 Heritage-Rooms spawn something special that's truly yours.



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La Cedille Rooms

The property is a colonial building with arched facades and a garden, situated in the most picturesque street of Pondicherry’s French Quarter - White Town.

King Room in Terrace

Twin Room in Terrace

Large Double Room

King Superior

Rajkumar Elango
Rajkumar Elango
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The property is surely in a very prime location of Pondicherry. No second thought to it. Just the location wouldn’t serve your purpose. I traveled with my family members of 7 including kids. 5 adults and 2 children. First and foremost, I found the property isn’t safe for taking family women !!! At any cost. Which not only I smelled but my sister and my wife felt Strong sense of negative emotion vibes. There’s no absolute cleaning inside the room for the two days and nights we stayed. Had to wait to see if someone will ask us to leave the room opened or they had cleaned if we had come back. Just nothing. Until I call for the boy to clean. And he cleans exactly the place you ask him to clean. Nothing more, nothing less. I booked two Big sized rooms. They gave me one big and another smaller one. As I directly called the hotel, I cracked a deal with the manager for lesser price but I realised I deserve to get what I got just cuz of calling them directly !!! All you will have is : one manager, one male helper, one woman cook (not sure what she cooks though as we never had the opportunity to eat anything as they said, breakfast will be 500/- per head 🤪🤪🤪) I chose to take my folks to good South Indian restaurants. Water facility good Toilets were clean Towels were like pappad: if you use their towels, you will be scratched all over when you wipe your body or face No floor mats outside the washroom No cleaning of room No cleaning of washroom on daily basis Exceptionally great amount of mosquitoes 🦟 The main entrance door will be locked, if you are a person who wants to walk or jog about 5:30 a.m. or so, you have to wake the boy in the reception. He will open the door for you. The entire corridor’s furniture’s dusty The central passage isn’t cleaned regularly as the guests keep walking back and forth from outside and beach. We as a family felt the privacy and security of couples staying and or for women you love and care (as mentioned above) IS A BIG COMPRISE. The joke that I mentioned above to reveal at the last is : I haven’t received even a single receipt or a bill or even an invoice copy for the advance payment, settlement payment !!! I was waiting to receive at least the endth minute from the manager : Emil but guess he must have also waiting or even praying that I shouldn’t be asking for the bill or an invoice !!! The rating that am giving is purely for the overall experience and the worst team that takes care of this property in absence of the investors and or the management person. I pity the management, ( me being a business man into the hotel and restaurant industries : I exactly know how the staffs and a bad unmanned administration team can screw the entire investments into a pit not leaving a single penny in the account ). But I hope and pray, if the investors are Not the same as the people and services those I had expected, God give them a good team and business overall !!! Henceforth.
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Just have booked the hotel for my next vacation out there .. let's hope it's all gonna good as I am reviewing on the basis of the information available through internet and eord of mouth .. we gonna find out about it very soon of the soon .. i am gonna visit there along with my family m..so only hoping that it's all should come out good as it is here .. rest all is gonna well i believe.
Man ova
Man ova
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Location-very close to the beach and cafe's of white town. We also had breakfast included, be sure to be in time as the croissants run out! Their breakfast-the free version had croissants, eggs your way, fruit salad, idli. I recommend the croissants. They are amazing. The rooms were clean and truly beautiful. They give you enough toiletries, enough towels etc. The room is also pretty cold and ready when you enter, which is definitely a plus.
Aditya Shekar
Aditya Shekar
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A beautiful boutique hotel to stay at. The location is perfect. Just near the rock beach and in the heart of the French town. A lot of eateries are at a walkable distance from this place. The staff is courteous and professional and very helpful. In all, enjoyed my stay here!
Joel Revington
Joel Revington
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Good place for a comfortable stay.


On their wedding day in 2021, Vibitha and Felix fell in love with their wedding venue. It gave them incredible joy, laughs, and memories. In its 100+ years of history, they felt like they were its happiest guests.


On their first anniversary, they decided to commit to it for the rest of their lives. Plot twist? This time, not as guests, but as owners 🙂


La Cédille is their heartfelt effort to make you experience the softer side of life.


Seven Heritage Rooms in White Town are meant to nudge you away from the hustle and towards the hammock. Away from checking for blue ticks, towards the bright blue ocean. Away from the noise, towards the music. After all, that’s the role of the Cedille in the French language: it softens things.


If you’ve visited La Cédille pre-2022, you’ll notice not much has changed except its name and (for those with a fine eye for detail) some parts of the interiors. As Vibitha and Felix promised its original custodian, Louis Marie, “The only thing that will change is the number of people who are disappointed that they didn’t get a room”


So if you’re one of them, we hope you’ll accept our apology 🙂


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